Inverter Drives


Inverter drives are used to vary the speed of any motor driven equipment. They offer increased efficiency and economy where there is a varying speed or load requirement, and enable the motor to run in forward or reverse. They allow the motor to run at optimum speeds and eliminate the need for clutches and gearboxes, whilst operating in a more cost effective manner.


Electronic Soft Starts


Soft starts are used to start and accelerate motor driven equipment. They offer reduced starting currents together with smoother extended start times.


Our Range


SML have long standing relationships with all the major manufactures of both inverter drives and soft starts, providing a single point of contact for whichever product you require. We can assist you in the selection, sizing, application, installation and commissioning of inverter drives and soft starts, as well as offering technical support either over the phone, via our website or by attendance at your works.